We believe there is a better way to feed the world

We believe there is a better way to feed the world

Our Mission

Empower the Urban Farmers & City Stakeholders for locally grown, cleaner, tastier, nutritious produce

Build a global network of Urban Farmers, that are closer to our communities and kinder to our environment, where we grow a diverse range of top-quality healthy produce under any weather condition, all year round, starting right here in Madrid.

Our Vertical Farming ecosystem is based on:

  • Urban Farming as a Service:

Professional services to cities or companies based on giving resources & know how, and best practices.

  • Urban Farmers Networks

Physical locations between 50 and 500 m2, that cover the last mile with consumers, both at the level of completion of live plant crops and product delivery.

  • Urban Vertical Farming Hub

Our headquarters fully equiped and designed to accommodate our operations. 1.000 m² vertical farming infrastructure, microgreen growing rooms and agroclimatic & hydroponic management unit