Entrepreneurs &  Advisory Board

Entrepreneurs & Advisory Board

Our team

A group of committed entrepreneurs with proven experience in the fields of agriculture, plant biotechnology, plant breeding, commercial management and digital transformation; A multidisciplinary team with the needed education, experience and skills to lead a disrupting startup in a distress industry.

  • Marcos Enriquez

Entrepreneur passionate about the sharing economy, with extensive international experience leading innovation companies and new business models; Software Engineer with postgraduate training in Vertical Farming and Blockchain at American Universities.

  • Juan Luis Alonso

Entrepreneur with vast experience in Digital Products, Services & Companies in Media, Tech, Education and innovative industries. Expert in Business Intelligence specifically within AgTech, Sustainability.  Bachelor in Business Administration UCM, Master´s IE University Marketing and Technology. Research & Analysis.

  • Angel Leo-Revilla

Entrepreneur and expert consultant in innovation in R&D for the Agtech industry, with special attention on projects of biotechnology, plant breeding and new crop management techniques. Recent experience with new model of contract-farming and local implementation.

  • Jose Maria Moreno

General Director of the Spanish Association of Videogames (AEVI); experience in senior management in media industry in companies like Vocento, CONMIO, WAN-IFRA and law consultant specialized in tech companies. Law degree from the Complutense University and Masters from Kellogg-Northwestern University and ESIC, Law of new technologies (ICADE), Public Affairs (Schiller University) and Internet business (ISDI).

  • David Moreno

Entrepreneur, investor and executive director in companies such as Invertia, Terra, Telefónica, Vocento, impok, Coowry and Allfunds; Experience in business analytics, digital transformation, sales team optimization, and data-driven product development. Graduated in Physics, Mathematics and Economics, Modern financial perspective as well as a realistic and precise vision of startup initiatives.